Articles and Essays

by Rachel Alem

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Faith in Art

Why am I an artist and how did I get here?
Guest blog post for the Catholic Truth Society, August 2017

What is Sacred Art?

A brief essay on Sacred Art written as part of Rachel’s MA studies in 2008

A Question of Authority

What are Icons and where do they come from?  Rachel’s MA essay/brief dissertaton. 2009

Not Made by Human Hands: The Mandyllion

Why do Catholics have images? and what is the image known as the Mandyllion, Not Made by Human Hands or the Image of Edessa?

Talk given by Rachel in the CTS bookshop, 25 Ashley Place, London. August 2015

Noli me tangere – Touch me not

Essay to accompany Rachel’s decoration of the Paschal Candle in Westminster Cathedral. Published in Oremus, March 2016